The seasons

Another sonnet, written by yours truly. Like the first one, it deals with love, which is often as fickle as the seasons. These first days of autumn perfectly reflect the ambiance in this sonnet. That is why today, 7 years after I wrote it, I finally decided to share it.

The leaves of summer falling in the wind
A stream of colours passes through my eyes
The thoughts of me and you forever dimmed
And autumn finally sheds off its disguise

My hands are cold, the sun has disappeared
You’re such a fool! You let your flame be quenched
The mist inside my head has not yet cleared
My hands by rain or by my tears are drenched

The times are only going to be harder
The snow of winter’s never far away
I’ll have to try my best and strive with ardor
To keep on walking through a darkening day

One glimpse of spring will conquer winter’s blue
I’ll never give up just because of you

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