Twirling through the night

Another sonnet written by your humble blogger. Following the rules of Shakespeare, I explore the theme of love yet again. Or do I? Because feeling in love resembles another feeling that most of us have known at some point. Whether it was a few years ago or a few days ago. Don’t even pretend that’s not true… You’ll know what I’m talking about once you’ve read the poem.

The stars are shining in the evening sky
The moon has shunned the sun against its will
You hold my hand and look me in the eye
And in a second, all is standing still

The flash of colours makes the world seem bright
I’m hot, I’m cold, my body leans on yours
I almost fall, although you hold me tight
You pick me up, I let things take their course

We start to turn and speed up every round
But I go faster, you are out my sight
It’s now a chase: a horse is gaining ground
In front of us, a bear gives me a fright

It’s all too much, I’m feeling sick as hell
We’re way too drunk to ride this carrousel

Alix Vandeweyer

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