The Walk of Shame, Reinvented

It’s been a while since I posted a poem of my own. But in these troubled times, I thought: might as well try and cheer some readers up. I hope this little piece of fun will make you forget all about what’s happening outside. Even if it’s just for one minute.

Along with me and you, the city awakes
The sunlight dances on my flow’ry dress,
which wraps around my body with some shakes
Shall I be fair? I am a total mess

I close the door and let the sun come in
The tower bells are chiming down on me
A gentle breeze is strolling ov’r my skin
This town that I call home is where I’m free

Across the square, I see them wait for class
Their muffled talks are all that I can hear
They look, they laugh; I wonder as I pass
Reflections in the windows make things clear

The next time, I should zip up properly
Thank god my underwear is nice to see

Alix Vandeweyer

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