Everlasting Impressions

If these strange times have brought about one positive thing, it is that I’m taking the time to write. I notice it’s a great way for me to forget about what’s happening outside and to just have some fun. Is this one autobiographical? I could say no, but there were just too many damn witnesses…

We planned to meet halfway, on common ground
The hallway was deserted but for us
A girl with yellow pants is what you found
Our courtship is our own, like this: no fuss

You came to humor me because you know
I’ve always wanted to dress up like this
I take your yellow hoodie; what a show
You look at me and smile, but still no kiss

I’m back in class: “Your fave banana’s here!”
I proudly shout it out and stun my friends
But they don’t laugh, their piercing looks show fear
I start to wonder: why are things so tense?

I turn around, my confidence gets hit
I see my teacher’s eyes and think: Oh sh…

Alix Vandeweyer

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