The Road Ahead

This sonnet is for everyone who has started to leave the house again. For everyone who leaves their bubble and enters another one. For everyone who’s going back to work. Don’t you worry: the world might seem like a totally different place but rest assured… Some things never change…

This bubble is where I feel safe and sound
From all the chaos that ensues outside
I see them shouting when I look around
There’s people everywhere, no place to hide

So I will fight, I will not let them win
A flash, a roar, it’s done before you know
Forget the noise and let the music in:
Defeat them all but do avoid the blow

It makes me mad to think how good it’d be
That rage will follow me down every road
If only they would be a bit like me
Until that time, get ready to reload

It really is a burden – that is true –
When nobody can drive as well as you

Alix Vandeweyer

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