Love Will Find Out The Way

Centuries old but still relevant today, Love Will Find Out The Way. The fact that the author remains unknown to this day, to me, only elevates the universality of this poem. No matter what life throws at us, love will always find its way back. I’m pretty sure this poem can be considered a literary equivalent to comfort food…

Over the mountains
And over the waves,
Under the fountains
And under the graves;
Under floods that are deepest,
Which Neptune obey,
Over rocks that are steepest,
Love will find out the way.

When there is no place
For the glow-worm to lie,
When there is no space
For receipt of a fly;
When the midge dares not venture
Lest herself fast she lay,
If Love come, he will enter
And will find out the way.

Some think to lose him
By having him confined;
And some do suppose him,
Poor heart! to be blind;
But if never so close you wall him,
Do the best that you may,
Blind Love, if so you call him,
Will find out his way.

You may train the eagle
To stoop to your fist;
Or you may inveigle
The phoenix of the east;
The lioness, you may move her
To give over her prey;
But you’ll never stop a lover:
He will find out the way.

If the earth it should part him,
He would gallop it over;
If the seas should overthwart him,
He would swim to the shore;
Should his Love become a swallow,
Through the air to stray,
Love will lend wings to follow,
And will find out the way.

There is no striving
To cross his intent;
There is no contriving
His plots to prevent;
But if once the message greet him
That his true love doth stay,
If death should come and meet him,
Love will find out the way.


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