To a Stranger

If I’m honest, I’m not much of a Whitman fan. Leaves of Grass wasn’t my favourite work to study during English literature classes, so imagine my surprise when I came across a Whitman poem that I really loved. Nothing beats a little gift like that, right? Hope you enjoy it too!

Passing stranger! you do not know
How longingly I look upon you,
You must be he I was seeking,
Or she I was seeking
(It comes to me as of a dream)

I have somewhere surely
Lived a life of joy with you,
All is recall’d as we flit by each other,
Fluid, affectionate, chaste, matured,

You grew up with me,
Were a boy with me or a girl with me,
I ate with you and slept with you, your body has become
Not yours only nor left my body mine only,

You give me the pleasure of your eyes,
Face, flesh as we pass,
You take of my beard, breast, hands,
In return,

I am not to speak to you, I am to think of you
When I sit alone or wake at night, alone
I am to wait, I do not doubt I am to meet you again,
I am to see to it that I do not lose you.

Walt Whitman

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