Battle Call

Rachel Rooney wrote this poem for the autistic girls she was working with on a poetry project. But to be honest, this can be your battle call too. I think it can inspire anyone to be fearless. That’s the beauty of poetry: it works for everyone, whatever your age is.

I want to find the voice to speak the words.
I want to shape the air and let them sing.
I want to know the weightlessness of birds.
I want to know that lift beneath the wing.

I want to keep those promises I made.
I want to meet the girl that I once knew.
I want to prove to her I’m not afraid.
I want to scale the summit for the view.

I want to learn the secrets of the sun.
I want to brave the hailstones as they fall.
I want to do all this. And when I’m done
I want the world to hear my battle call.

Rachel Rooney

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