Realistic resolutions

A new year always comes with resolutions. Eat less, exercise more. We all make them and we all break them. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just enjoy the ride during this new year and see where it takes you. If you’re really set on making a resolution and following it through, then be realistic. Just like I have been in this new sonnet of mine.

Each New Year’s Day, I wake up and recall
The promises I made the night before
Inspired by my friend called alcohol,
I turned into a cocky girl once more

Champagne convinced me I could sail a boat
And vodka told me I could lose that weight
The brandy said to me I shouldn’t gloat
But I could easily run ten miles straight

These resolutions are so hard to keep
I don’t know why we do this to ourselves
There’s nothing wrong with just a good night’s sleep
And lots of cake and cookies on your shelves

So this year, I will not get up and try
I’ll just enjoy myself and eat my pie

Alix Vandeweyer

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