A New Perspective

Last week, you could read about my New Year’s resolutions (or rather, my lack thereof). But a new year also brings the opportunity for new perspectives. Change your point of view and who knows, maybe you make some exciting discoveries this year. Or you get a chance to look at familiar things and see them in a new light. That’s what this sonnet is about. I hope you enjoy it!

As I look up and face the winter’s sky
So bright and blue, it blinds my ev’ry blink
I feel the coolness from the sun up high
And in this frozen moment I just think

Of all this beauty, of this new delight
The sparkle of a snowflake touching ground
A dot of purple in a sea of white
The playful cheers of all the kids around

I’m deeply grateful for this change of view
Although I could have done without the pain
I’ve been here many times before, that’s true
At least, this time, I had something to gain

It really is amazing what can come
From slipping up and falling on your bum

Alix Vandeweyer

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