Love in the Time of Coronavirus

This is not the first poem by Nikita Gill that you’ll find on this blog. I discovered her last year and I’m so glad I did. Her poetry really helps to keep you going through these challenging times. When you read the title, you probably thought: ‘Seriously? I’ve had enough of that.’ But this poem is different. It actually made me hopeful. And isn’t that what we all want right now?

Today, we stockpile empathy.
We supply love and good energy.
We sing to each other across buildings.
We say ‘I love you’ through social distancing.

Do you know that writing letters
to our friends is back in fashion?
And that we finally have time to read more books,
whether historical or fiction?

My cousin told me she hadn’t seen
such a blue sky in her city before.
My uncle went on his first walk in the woods.
He heard a bird sing for the first time since the war.

Even in sickness, this world
is allowed to be beautiful.
And we are still allowed to love it,
for there is always room for hope.

This is just me checking in
sending you the moon as a poem,
praying and wishing for us all
a speedy recovery.

And if nothing else,
There will always be poetry.
We will always have poetry.

Nikita Gill

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