I’m going to the office again, which means rising early and travelling to work. The first morning, it kind of hurt. So, to soften the blow, I started reading morning poems. That’s how I discovered Dawn by American poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox. In this poem, Day and Night are personified as a man and woman who meet, with Night eventually disappearing in the loving arms of Day. Ella Wheeler Wilcox is often considered to write ‘good bad poetry’ but anyone who can paint such a lyrical and romantic picture of dawn is a pretty good poet in my book. Want a fitting soundtrack to this poem? Listen to Dawn by Dario Marianelli. You’re welcome.

Day’s sweetest moments are at dawn;
Refreshed by his long sleep, the Light
Kisses the languid lips of Night,
Ere she can rise and hasten on.
All glowing from his dreamless rest
He holds her closely to his breast,
Warm lip to lip and limb to limb,
Until she dies for love of him.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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