Our Souls Are Mirrors

Some time ago, I read both of Rupi Kaur’s collections of poems. Even though I definitely preferred Milk and Honey to The Sun and Her Flowers, I’ve chosen to share a poem from the latter. It is the one poem of that collection that really stuck with me. Probably because I love the mythological origin story of soulmates. But also because I admire how Rupi Kaur makes that exceptional idea feel familiar.

god must have kneaded you and i
from the same dough
rolled us out as one on the baking sheet
must have suddenly realized
how unfair it was
to put that much magic in one person
and sadly split that dough in two
how else is it that
when i look in the mirror
i am looking at you
when you breathe
my own lungs fill with air
that we just met but we
have known each other our whole lives
if we were not made as one to begin with

Rupi Kaur

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