Siren Song

This is only the second poem by Margaret Atwood I post, but it more than deserves its right to be here. The poem plays with the classical image of a siren, luring sailors into her arms, just to devour them. However, she does the same to you as a reader: she lures you into the … More Siren Song


This is a Carol Ann Duffy appreciation post. It’s been a while since I posted a poem by her so this one came to me at just the right time. Not a love poem but an aftermath-of-love poem. About longing for someone who has become an echo. Even though this poem is quite melancholy, its … More Echo


I’m going to the office again, which means rising early and travelling to work. The first morning, it kind of hurt. So, to soften the blow, I started reading morning poems. That’s how I discovered Dawn by American poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox. In this poem, Day and Night are personified as a man and woman … More Dawn

Summer Rain

This is the third poem by Amy Lowell I post here. Needless to say, I’m a fan. Of hers and of Imagism. I was looking for a poem that fit the mood of this summer, which can be summarised in one word: rain. But this poem makes the rain a little less dreary. It adds … More Summer Rain