I am here

Two weeks ago, I didn’t post a short story because I was working on something else. But here I am again. For this one, I had to work with six words instead of five: pantry, spinach, crossroads, Rubik’s Cube, thermostat and braggart. That’s because this is actually the origin story that started the idea for … More I am here


The past couple months, our family has been confronted with a lot of illness. Some big, some small. Even though this is a part of life we would much rather skip, it deserves its own place. That’s why I looked into poems about sickness. This one by American poet Tory Dent particularly moved me. I … More us


This is my fifth short story of the year but also the first children’s story I’ve ever written. The subject is a bit heavy, but I do hope I managed to bring it in a way that a 10-year-old can understand. The five words I had to work with were bird, propose, vanity, believe and … More Heaven