Departure Gate

Most people haven’t seen a departure gate this past year but it’s a great place to just sit and observe. It’s something I really enjoy because just by watching people, you can create entire stories. But I also like the idea of this poem: actually going up to a stranger and being kind to him … More Departure Gate


Monday was International Women’s Day. In honour of that, I wrote a poem to celebrate women and more specifically, mothers. Even more specifically, my mother. She and all other women should be celebrated every day, but since we’re not there yet, I hope this poem will do. It’s a recognition of what mothers do for … More Mother

Good Bones

You may have noticed that I didn’t post a poem last week. I lost my grandfather quite suddenly and I’m having trouble dealing with that loss. I’ve found that walking around in nature helps. Writing does too. When I was looking for a poem to post this week, I came across this one, by the … More Good Bones

The Perfect Place

Posting a poem about the world being a perfect place might feel a bit ironic right now. But as previous poems have tried to indicate, there’s still a lot to marvel at out there. So here’s my last shot at trying to prove that to you. Like Roger McGough says: as long as you can … More The Perfect Place