The Raincoat

I recently discovered American poet Ada Limón thanks to this beautiful poem. As a child, we never think about what exactly makes our childhood so happy. It’s only as an adult that we start to reflect on what our parents have done for us throughout the years. Driving us around, making our favourite dinner or … More The Raincoat

A New Perspective

Last week, you could read about my New Year’s resolutions (or rather, my lack thereof). But a new year also brings the opportunity for new perspectives. Change your point of view and who knows, maybe you make some exciting discoveries this year. Or you get a chance to look at familiar things and see them … More A New Perspective


Tomorrow is the last day of 2020. A year we’ll never forget. A year that might have given you a new look on life. A year that made the world and everyone in it stand still. And maybe that wasn’t too bad. Maybe we should keep doing that in 2021: stand still and take a … More Leisure