The past couple months, our family has been confronted with a lot of illness. Some big, some small. Even though this is a part of life we would much rather skip, it deserves its own place. That’s why I looked into poems about sickness. This one by American poet Tory Dent particularly moved me. I … More us


On the first day of February, I am of course posting a poem titled February. However, it wasn’t actually the title of this poem that first drew me in. It was the author, Michael Field. He is not one poet, but two. And neither of them were male. Michael Field was the pseudonym of Katherine … More February


The first snow of the year has hit us and it has hit us hard. While I’m not really fond of walking or driving in the snow, I do love watching it. When it falls and after it has fallen. It has the ability to make you marvel at familiar surroundings. It makes them magical. … More Dreams