Sorry I Spilled It

When I came home last night, I opened the door and I was welcomed by the smell of delicious cooking. I’m a food lover so it immediately lifted my spirits. That’s why today’s post is dedicated to food. I love this poem by Shel Silverstein because it’s just so recognisable. It’s one of those things … More Sorry I Spilled It

Song for Autumn

Let’s stay in that warm autumn vibe, shall we? After Maggie Smith last week, it’s Mary Oliver’s turn to bring some poetry to this season. In this poem, the American writer and Pulitzer Prize winner gives personhood to every part of nature. From trees over birds to leaves. Making you realise that this is a … More Song for Autumn

First Fall

Maggie Smith isn’t just a great actress, she’s also a great poet. I already posted one of her poems back in March and I still highly recommend it. This one is written from the perspective of a parent, whose walking around with a baby. Even though the descriptions are quite lyrical and beautiful, it’s the … More First Fall