Daisy Time

Snow in spring, why not? Last week, it felt more like Christmas than Easter. Even though I love to watch the snow, I am ready for the sun and colour of spring, with its blossoming trees and the first flowers. So, if the weather wouldn’t give me that, I was going to find it in … More Daisy Time

Quote of the Week

Stories have a way that they can change our hearts and our minds – they can help us see each other in a new light and have empathy to recognize that for all our diversity, we are human first. Jane Fonda

A Thank You Note

Today is my mom’s birthday, so that calls for a special poem. That tells her how grateful I am. And how much I have learned from her. It might not be the biggest gift, but sometimes the smallest gifts are the most special ones, right? At least, that’s what I take from this poem by … More A Thank You Note


If the past year has taught us anything, it’s to be happy with the small things in life. A beautiful walk, a tasty dinner, a good book. Although I miss doing a lot of things, I really enjoy not feeling pressured or stressed because there’s so much to do. This poem by Jane Kenyon kind … More Otherwise