Marriage Goals

The last time I wrote a sonnet, we were slowly emerging from a lockdown. Now that we might be going into one again, I thought I might inject some humour into your day. I hope you enjoy reading it and if you can relate: please contact me so we can start a support group.

Although he’s sitting right here next to me
I feel that we’re a hundred miles apart
His mind is elsewhere, that much I can see
It’s been like this, right from the very start

The grass seems greener on the other side
Those people must be interesting to him
I listened, watched; believe me, I have tried
I realise that this is not a whim

I’m getting bored, there are no things to do
While he’s still captivated by the screen
I went through Facebook and my Insta too
I could just turn it off… Or is that mean?

Apparently, each marriage has its catch
Just didn’t expect mine’d be a football match

Alix Vandeweyer

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