My Lover Eats Words For Supper

Right after the first lockdown, I went to my favourite bookstore and bought all the books I could carry. This lockdown, bookstores can remain open. So I went again and the same thing happened. One of the books I found was the anthology ‘Poems To Save The World With’ by Chris Riddell. There’s a good chance you don’t know this poem nor the poet. If that’s the case, let this be your little surprise for the day.

and there’s music for dinner
soft melody melting away at touch
sprinkle some hellos for seasoning
a scoop of ‘how was your day?’
the clink clink of plates
a clatter of spoons, forks, silence
words condense into nothingness
fade away at dawn
are boiled into hot water
gobbled up with rice
we do not speak here
we have nothing to say
love is only a metaphor
syllables lurk inside cupboards
silverware rattles
fills the house with noise
a distant orchestra hums

Khushi Daryani

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