Things haven’t been easy this year. The one thing that we could do for each other was to show some kindness. Send a postcard, pick up the phone or take a walk together. This festive season, that kindness will be even more important. Maybe the most beautiful gift we can give each other is to keep being as kind as we are now. Why stop, right? I think Nikita Gill would agree with me.

And maybe it is easier to learn kindness in these times.
When the whole world is like a small child with a fever,
trying her very best to make herself feel better.

Maybe we find our unity in the near-losing of everything.
Where we have no choice but to depend upon each other.
This is what it takes to realise we are in this together.

A man helps someone he dislikes because they are in danger.
A neighbour delivers groceries to everyone ill on her street.
Old friends forgive each other, stop acting like they are strangers.

Maybe this time, this is what the revolution looks like.
People helping each other despite their differences.
Understanding truly, that without the aid of others,
we would be all alone in this.

Nikita Gill

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