Serenity Prayer

As we go into another month of lockdown, we’re probably all starting to feel a bit anxious and antsy. That’s why I thought this serenity prayer might be of help. I think it reflects what many of us are feeling right now. The desire to not be informed or talk about current events. Just for one day. So I’ll do as Brian Bilston says: I will not turn on the news but instead watch a re-run of Friends. Because that’s my 20 minutes of comfort that makes me forget about everything else.

Send me a slow news day,
A quiet, subdued day,
in which nothing much happens of note,
save for the passing of time,
the consumption of wine,
and a re-run of Murder, She Wrote.

Grant me a no news day,
A spare-me-your-views day,
in which nothing much happens at all,
except a few hours together,
some regional weather,
a day we can barely recall.

Brian Bilston

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